Starting weight: 174 lbs. (on the left)
-March 1st

Current weight: 147 lbs. (on the right)
-July 31st

Goal weight: healthy and happy! (:

Height: 5’5

Age: 14

My journey :D

I was always big as a child. I got my moms slow metabolism and her big bone structure. It never made sense to me, as a kid, why I was always bigger than everyone else. I did dance since the age of 3 and I was on a competitive swim team. But then it hit me, I was eating like shit. I ate everything and anything almost to the point of exploding.

I started to become more conscious about my weight In the beginning of 7th grade. I would go on “diets” that I would constantly break and feel guilty about. That would usually end in binge episodes. That year I gained 20 pounds. Then 8th grade came and I was ready to make a change. I remember on March 1st when I took the picture on the left. I got off the scale crying and told myself enough was enough. I was the only one to blame and if I didn’t help myself, nobody would do it for me. I joined the gym and started doing a bootcamp. At first, I cringed every time I would think about hitting the gym . It made me sick. Eventually after about 3 weeks it started becoming a habit . A quote I really love that helped me is “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. I would come home from school , grab my already pre-set workout clothes and hit the gym. The gym did help, but the diet is what really made the difference. I started doing a TON of research on healthy eating/living etc. And I was amazed about all the things I didn’t know. Also somewhere in April I decided to go vegetarian which is one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel my body functions a lot better when meat is out of my diet.

I was also very fortunate that one of my very close friends (Kat- one of the people that I share this blog with) is a health freak. She knows everything about anything and I would always go to her about stuff I wanted to know. To this day we still talk about nutrition and how great being healthy is . This isn’t a “diet” it’s a lifestyle. And if your serious about changing your life you need to be ready to make that commitment . Because it will get hard. I had days where I’ve cried my eyes out because I couldn’t do it .I’ve had those days even weeks where I fell back into old habits . But the most important thing is to not let that stop you . JUST KEEP GOING. Because if you give up now , you’ll want to try again . Maybe the next day maybe next year. Who knows. All I know is starting over sucks and it’s hard to get back into things once your spirit is down .

If your only doing cardio I recommend lifting weights/resistance training. I promise it won’t make you bulky !

Helpful tips-

• DO YOUR RESEARCH- recently I read this book “skinny bitch” and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to go vegetarian. I would also be very careful because it is a very biased book that tries to tell you the only way you’ll be skinny is if you go vegan. (I don’t believe so but try the book at your own risk) this book changed my life and I’m currently transitioning into going vegan.

• RESULTS TAKE TIME- they don’t happen overnight. Trust the process. I didn’t start seeing results till month 2. It’s a slow and steady process but it’s totally worth it.

• ENJOY YOURSELF- do things you love. If you hate walking on a treadmill, get a friend and go to a park nearby and catch up on each others lives. If you hate running try Zumba! There’s so many different things you can do(:

REMEMBER: it’s okay to indulge. I still eat a cookie when I want a cookie. Heck sometimes I have 5. Listen to your body and what it wants. But still remember everything in moderation.

*I am not done with this journey and still want to lose a few more pounds and start building muscle :D

If you have any questions please feel free to ask(:

Nicole, I’m honestly so proud of you. I know I say this all the time but I want you to realize just how happy I am that you decided to do what /you/ want to do because you seem so much happier now compared to how you used to seem. You inspired me to start eating healthier and I do slip up and get upset sometimes but then remember you and I aspire to meet my goal just like you have… I love you, bae c:

Love, Jordan

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